Before I look at the CVs, I want to say that I am very impressed at the speed of your response. Thanks a million…

~ W.M. , a financial services client

I like it that Sequoia includes a one line description on the companies’ that the candidates work, it makes selection easier.

~ L Tay, a FMCG client

Fast turnaround time, qualified candidates, very focused work

~ S Wong, a health care client

Sequoia 通过其自身的资源协助我们对新加坡人才招聘市场进行深入了解,除聘请好的团队以外, 同时协助我们完善各项人事制度包括员工手册,以确保我们在新加坡的成功发展.

Sequoia is well acquainted with the Singapore hiring environment. They have helped our company tremendously in our efforts to grow beyond the shores of China. They were able to recommend highly suitable candidates during our hiring process. Sequoia’s deep knowledge of the labour laws in Singapore was put to great use when they assisted with the preparation of our company’s HR policies and procedures especially on hiring matters. They are highly recommended.

~ Chinese client in the semiconductor industry

Sequoia has provided prompt and practical advice, while offering help every step of the way. They have assisted with refining my CV so that it highlighted all the important points of my career, making it concise and effective in landing me a role.

~ H. Chee, a financial services candidate